Matt Colbert

B-CC football co-captain

Matt Colbert still plays football once a year with 15 to 25 of his B-CC friends. For the past 35 years, the Thanksgiving Day “Cranberry Classic,” played in Chevy Chase’s Shepherd Street park, has allowed the guys to relive their glory days, though they now play touch rather than tackle.

Colbert was recruited to play football at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Va., where he lettered all four years. Today, his 6-year-old son, Kyle, plays football for an Ellicott City team that Colbert helps to coach.

Off the field, Colbert is the chief operating officer of a regional private investigations firm and the head of Hightower Investigative Group, a firm started by his father and uncle as the Colbert Detective Agency in the early ’60s.

His detective work involves surveillance for insurance companies, background checks and domestic casework. Although he didn’t think he’d end up in the family business, he’s happy to be there. “I actually fancied a career in pro baseball, though not necessarily as a player,” Colbert says. “My father played in the Senators’ farm league in the ’40s, then scouted for them after his friends, the Griffith family, moved the team [to Minneapolis].”

Colbert jokes about losing the homecoming king contest to Tom Clifford, noting that the homecoming queen was Colbert’s girlfriend.

Colbert lives in Columbia with his wife, Kim, and their son and daughter. “[Kim is] the brains of the organization, the one who really grounded me,” he says. “I was a little bit of a hellion before I met her. She laughs because it took me three months to kiss her after we met. I knew she was different and was someone I would like as a life partner. I didn’t want to blow it.”


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