In Arabic, “lazeez” means “delicious,” and after my first meal at Bistro LaZeez at 8009 Norfolk Ave. in Bethesda, I’d have to say the food is true to its namesake. Opened in late July, the Mediterranean restaurant features co-owner and local Arabic teacher Reda Asaad’s chicken kebabs, which are major league moist, and his beef kafta, a beautifully-seasoned take on ground beef. Both dishes had a really nice grilled flavor, and are an amazing deal to boot; all entrees come with a side salad, terrific grilled pita bread, rice, plus grilled zucchini and peppers—for $10.99! As for appetizers, I tried four on the BLZ Sampler, and while it’s hard to quibble with any of them, my favorite was the cilantro-and-garlic dressed fava bean sauté. The former Posh Pooch space has been transformed into a soft setting with taupe walls and white banquettes. Check it out.