From the end of this week until early spring, there will be plenty of time to look forward to eating turkey sandwiches again. That’s when Jetties, the popular sandwich and salad spot in Northwest Washington’s Foxhall neighborhood, will be opening a new location in Bethesda, in the old Thai Crossing shop at 4829 Fairmont Ave. “We’re super-excited about it,” says co-owner David Scribner.

The shop, named after Jetties Beach in Nantucket—one of Scribner’s favorite vacation destinations—features signature sandwiches like the Nobadeer, freshly carved turkey breast with stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayonnaise on sourdough bread, and the Surfside, that same turkey on sourdough with bacon, Havarti, avocado and whole grain mustard. The new location will offer the same menu, and there will be ample space for expanding the catering side of the business.

I, for one, never get tired of eating turkey sandwiches—especially ones made with the real thing.