A Friday night at Mussel Bar.

Photo credit: Stacy Zarin-Goldberg

Best of the New Restaurants

Best food overall: Bistro Provence

Best fried appetizer: Fried clams, Wild Tomato

Best falafel: Cava Mezze Grill

Best cheese: Sharp provolone, Taylor Gourmet

Best soup: White bean, Annie’s Bistro Francais

Best entrée: Veal chop special with artichoke hearts and polenta, Bistro Provence


Best desserts: Sticky toffee pudding, Againn Tavern; chocolate-cherry bread pudding, Mussel Bar special

Best dessert that flopped: Deconstructed peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Food, Wine & Co. (it’s off the menu)

Best menus: Uptown Deli (it’s funny); American Tap Room (it lights up)


Best service: 8407 Kitchen Bar

Best server: Reese Dixon at Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro (charming and personable, but not overly so)

Best décor: Food, Wine & Co.; Matchbox


Rating the Pizzas

Best: Matchbox

Really good: Brooklyn’s Pizzeria, Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza, Wild Tomato

Good: Mussel Bar, Pacci’s Neapolitan Pizzeria, Pizza Tempo


Fair: Vapiano