Bride and groom

Heidi Paquette, 28, a kindergarten teacher at Fallsmead Elementary School in Rockville, originally from Farmington Hills, Mich.; and Ryan Grant, 28, an agent with Charles R. Grant Insurance Agency, originally from Rockville. The couple now lives in Rockville.


June 25, at a private club in Chevy Chase

How they met

A mutual friend introduced them during a tailgate at a Redskins game in 2005. They reconnected that New Year’s Eve when they were with friends at the Downtown Countdown in Washington, D.C.

First date

Chadwick’s in Friendship Heights. Ryan chose the restaurant because it was one of his grandfather’s favorites. Throughout the evening the couple shared their stories and realized that, although they’d grown up hundreds of miles apart, they had a lot in common.

The proposal

Five years after their first date, they were at a two-person table on a balcony at La Ferme restaurant in Chevy Chase when Ryan proposed. Afterward, he took Heidi to Chadwick’s, site of their first date, where close friends and family were waiting to surprise her.

What she loves most about him

“That he is such a caring and generous person. He truly loves his family and friends, and would do anything for them. His commitment to them was a big part of what attracted me to him, and now I know that his commitment and loyalty will always be to me for the rest of our lives.”


What he loves most about her

“Her optimistic and positive attitude about life. She is always in a good mood, and she brings out the best in me when I am with her.”    

Number of guests


What made it special

“How personalized it was,” Heidi says. The wedding date was her grandparents’ anniversary. (She attached her grandmother’s brooch to her wedding bouquet.) The vendors were all friends. And Ryan’s uncle officiated.
“In addition, my kindergarten class wrote me an ‘Advice on Marriage’ book that was displayed for guests to read,” Heidi says. Among her favorite suggestions: “Ryan should buy you presents and chocolate” and “Have babies.”



Mermaid style with alternating layers of lace and tulle designed by D’Amour Bridal, from Bella Bridal in West Bloomfield, Mich.


Paired Images in Gaithersburg


The couple doesn’t like wedding cake so they had an ice cream bar and a replica of a five-layer cake alternating chocolate-chip cookies with chocolate-covered strawberries. There also were custom-made bobbleheads of the couple. Instead of the traditional cutting of the cake they had a “first scoop.”



The Sandals Grande in St. Lucia

The Details

Flowers were by Jennifer Lodato of Franklin 2-1-5; invitations were by Brendan Roddy, with printing by Rockville Printing and Graphics; hair, by Katie May of Bella Bethesda Salon; makeup, by Ricardo Lopez of Bella Bethesda Salon; ceremony music, by guitarist Reed Deibler; reception music, by Bruce Pike of Dynomite DJs; videographer was Adam Siegel of Siegel Films.