Name: Dominique Broadway

Lives in: North Bethesda

Age: 27

Occupation: Financial Planner

How would you describe your personal style?
“Classic chic. I like classic clothing but I try to keep up with the recent trends. Financial advisors are seen as stuffy, so I try to break that mold.”

Who are your style icons?
“Chanel–all of her items. Zoe Saldana also. I like her style when I see her out. I buy a lot of Michael Kors as well. It’s classic chic.”

Where do you like to shop?
“Michael Kors, Zara, H&M every now and then. I like to pick up items at Forever 21, Reddz Trading and consignment shops. I try to shop conservatively. I also shop at Last Call by Neiman Marcus on Rockville Pike.”


What’s on your fashion wish list?
“Chanel blazer, Chanel brooch and a Chanel purse.”

What is your one must-have wardrobe item?
“A white button-up shirt, crisp from the cleaners. You can wear it with jean shorts, colored jeans or dress it up.”

How has your style evolved over the years?
“When I was younger, I was more brand obsessed. Now that I am older, it’s more about the look. And trying to look older, that’s important, but not too old.”


Most embarrassing fashion moment?
“I was out at Buddha Bar in Washington, D.C. having a great time with friends. I rested by hand on my leg and realized my pants had ripped from my crouch to my knee. I definitely had to go home after that.”

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