(UPDATE at 12:05 a.m.) With almost 90 percent of state precincts reporting, some are declaring victory for same-sex marriage advocates in Maryland. The Washington Post has projected the law will pass. The latest raw numbers show a nearly 47,000 vote edge in favor of same-sex marriage.

Expanded casino gambling advocates are celebrating what they say is a Question 7 victory tonight. The Dream Act will also pass, according to projections.

(UPDATE at 10:50 p.m.) With half of state precincts reporting, 51 percent of Maryland voters approved same-sex marriage, an approximately 32,000 margin for Question 6 supporters.

Casino gambling is almost as close, with 51.5 percent in favor of expanded gaming.With 35 percent of the vote counted in Montgomery County, the county Board of Elections reports 57 percent are in favor of ending police effects bargaining.

(UPDATE at 8:25 p.m.) Montgomery County early voting results are in and show large advantages for incumbent Democrats President Barack Obama, Senator Ben Cardin and District 8 Rep. Chris Van Hollen.

On Montgomery County police effects bargaining, 38,131, or 54 percent, voted to uphold a law that would repeal police effects bargaining. Just more than 32,000 early voters voted against the law, siding with police union officials.


Almost 78 percent of Montgomery County early voters supported Question 4, the Dream act. More than 68 percent of early voters voted for Question 5, which would uphold a redistricting map many county leaders were solidly against. Almost 70 percent of voters were for Question 6, same-sex marriage and more than 54 percent were for expanded casino gambling.

Early voters in the county gave the same-sex marriage act an almost 30,000 vote edge, with 52,178 for and 23,411 against.

(UPDATE at 8:03 p.m.) Multiple media outlets are calling Maryland for President Barack Obama as the polls close at 8 p.m. Senator Ben Cardin (D) will also win the Senate race, according to NBC News.


Montgomery County Board of Elections officials say local results from today’s election should start coming in at 9:20 p.m. and be updated every 20 minutes.

Early voting results will be tabulated and available as soon after 8 p.m. as possible. Almost 13 percent of all Montgomery County voters did early voting.

Many eyes locally will be on ballot question results, including a county police bargaining rights question and four high profile state questions. At the end of the night, Maryland could be the first state to approve same-sex marriage by referendum. There could also be a Las Vegas-style casino destined for Prince George’s County and the passage of the Dream Act, which would allow children of illegal immigrants to get in-state tuition to state colleges.