On November 29, more than 200 people attended the B-CC High School Tattler student newspaper event “Polls, Pacs and Pundits” which served as a fundraiser for the newspaper. Featuring a panel of prominent journalists and politician Chris Van Hollen, the event raised more than $2,000 and served as another venue for reaching out to advertisers and supporters.

The students are still short of their goal needed to keep the paper publishing throughout the end of the school year. There are only 13 days left in the Tattler’s online crowdsourcing efforts to save the paper. So far the online campaign, “Help Keep the Tattler in Print,” has raised an additional $2,900 but the students still need support. They ask that anyone who is a fan of the press and journalistic pursuits to consider donating online through the campaign.

“We wish for all of our readers to continue enjoying the product we have become so proud to call our own.”