As support for gun control on the national level appears to wane, Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger spoke to County spokesman Patrick Lacefield about his desire for a ban on internet ammunition sales and high-capacity magazines.

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Manger said he’d also like to see a database of people with mental health issues that aren’t allowed to purchase or possess guns, similar to an existing database of convicted felons Manger said allows police to more effectively keep the community safe.

Manger also spoke about the effect of School Resource Officers, Montgomery County Police officers assigned to specific high schools, and called the idea of outfitting teachers and school staff members with their own weapons, “ludicrous.”

Manger said the School Resource Officers can develop relationships with students that help solve or prevent other minor crimes, and they provide a sense of safety in the buildings. Montgomery used to have SROs in every high school. Because of budget cutbacks there are now six, though in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shooting Manger and other county officials have said they would like to see a restoration of some of those positions.

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Video via County Cable Montgomery