Most of Bethesda’s county-operated roadways will get a spring cleaning starting next week, as the Montgomery County Department of Transportation begins its annual street sweeping program.

The Department of Environmental Protection is also involved in the effort, which officials hopes means the removal of salt, dirt, torn up asphalt and other debris after the winter snow season. The county expects to remove about 2,000 tons of materials from 4,000 curb miles that could otherwise end up in streams.

“Street sweeping is an important part of the County’s efforts to improve water quality in our local streams and reduce pollutants to the Chesapeake Bay,” MCDOT director Art Holmes said in a press release. “Street sweeping not only improves the appearance of our neighborhoods, it also protects the environment by keeping salt, sand and other debris out of our storm drains, our stormwater management facilities and our streams.”

Sings will be posted in neighborhoods a few days before street sweeping begins. Officials want residents to move their parked cars from streets on those days to allow for a wider area of cleaning.

The layout and schedule of street sweeping operations are available on the county website. Some are scheduled for one day, others over a range of two, three or four days. Street sweepers are scheduled to hit Woodmont Triangle and surrounding neighborhoods on May 14, the Wilson Lane and Arlington Road neighborhoods from April 9-April 11 and areas east of Wisconsin Avenue on April 11 and April 12.