Pedro Matamoros, the executive chef of the Silver Spring fixture, the Golden Flame, is buying the restaurant along with a silent partner.

Vassilios Marmaras, the original owner and chef of the restaurant—known to his longtime regulars as “Mr. Bill”—is retiring. Marmaras started the eatery, which specialized in steaks, seafood and prime rib, in 1972.

Matamoros, who has garnered a following with his cooking at Silver Spring’s 8407 Kitchen Bar and Nicaro, has been the chef at the Golden Flame since March.

Since Matamoros took over the kitchen, the menu has been a bit of a hybrid. Items such as the chef’s signature house-made charcuterie and lamb Bolognese have kept company with old standards like clams casino and calf’s liver.

Matamoros said that the restaurant will keep the mixed menu until mid-September, when it will close for a few days and reopen with a new name (as yet to be announced) and a new concept.

The concept will follow closely with Matamoros’ modern American style of cooking, often made with locally sourced meat and produce.


The chef said the décor will be updated a bit, with more “warm colors” and wine racks in the area that used to house the once-popular salad bar.

Matamoros said he has great respect for Marmaras, who worked so hard for so long. “Golden Flame was once one of the best restaurants in the area,” Matamoros said.

8630 Fenton St. Silver Spring, 301-588-7250