MCFRS officials say a working smoke alarm saved lives and a Kingswood Road home from more significant damage during a fire on Thursday.

The second-floor fire in the 5800 block of Kingswood Road left four adults, one child and a cat displaced after it spread to the attic and punctured the roof.

The fire caused about $500,000 worth of damage to the structure of the home and $250,000 worth of damage to its contents.

First arriving units reported heavy smoke from the second floor of the single family home. The occupants had already evacuated after being alerted by smoke alarms. Firefighters eventually were able to find and chase a cat that had hidden in the home’s basement.

“This incident serves as a reminder of just how important smoke alarms are. Had the smoke alarms not been working, we would be reporting on a much more serious fire,” MCFRS Chief Steve Lohr said. “We know unequivocally that the early warning provided by smoke alarms translates into saved lives and I urge all residents to ensure that their smoke alarms are working.”

In February, a smoke alarm alerted neighbors to a house fire near Seven Locks Road in Bethesda that led to the rescue of a 90-year-old female resident.