Mohican Swimming Pool, via Mohican Pool Riviera Condos, via MRIS

Check out Bethesda and Chevy Chase commercial permits approved for projects this week. All information is from Montgomery County:

Oct. 30:

  • Mohican Swimming Pool (7117 MacArthur Blvd.); pool house demolition and construction; 2,681 square feet for the pool house, 7,728 square feet for the pools and 13,163 square feet for the deck; $2,102,131 value

Oct. 29:

  • 2 Bethesda Metro office building (2 Bethesda Metro Center); interior alterations for the 5th and 6th floor; 5,000 square feet; $29,000 value

Oct. 28:

  • Clark Construction Corporate Office (7500 Old Georgetown Rd.); interior alteration; 1,418 square feet; $77,000 value

Oct. 25:

  • North Bethesda Business Center (10411 Motor City Dr.); interior alterations and related work; $20,000 value
  • 7200 Wisconsin Ave. office building (7200 Wisconsin Ave.); interior alterations for the 4th floor; 1,576 square feet; $70,891 value

Oct. 24:

  • Riviera Of Chevy Chase condos (4242 East West Highway); repairs to existing masonry walls and window curtainwall; $80,000 value