Urban Country welcomed the beginning of this years’ crisp, harvest season with the autumnal “Home for the Holidays” celebration event. On Wednesday October 30, the Bethesda Row home furnishings retailer hosted not only their 22nd anniversary as a company but a fruitful fundraiser supporting our local wounded soldiers for their sacrifices.

The silent auction raised more than $10,000 making it the most successful Urban Country fundraising event to date. Funds received were donated to The Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund – a Maryland-based nonprofit organization that provides 100 percent of donations it receives to wounded soldiers who are recovering at military hospitals in the Washington, D.C area. Many Bethesda Row merchants as well as area home furniture stores donated merchandise featured in the silent auction. Select pieces from the recently debuted C.R. Laine home furniture line were showcased in the auction as well.

Guests enjoyed fine wine and decadent hors d’oeuvres as keynote addresses were presented during the event. Featured speakers included co-owners of Urban Country sisters Jillian and Sascha Roth, Combat Soldiers Recover Fund founder and president Garland Miller, C.R. Laine’s Mark Gilmore and Holly Blalock, and moving speeches by wounded soldiers Captain Hugh Fisher and U.S. Army Marine Will Fisher

“During this festive time of year, we want to embrace America’s roots by celebrating the return of the harvest season and honoring the patriotism of our wounded servicemen, says Rachelle Roth, founder and owner of Urban Country. “The holiday season is meant for the hearth and home and to bring families together, which is what Urban Country’s philosophy is all about. We are proud to help support our wounded heroes currently in recovery in DC area military hospitals.”

Urban Country marked 22 years as a predominate business in the Bethesda area, providing luxury interior designs and fine home furnishings to the nation’s capital region.