New details are emerging about a new Asian-American fusion restaurant opening later this year on Rockville Pike at the former Addie’s location.

Helen Wasserman, a caterer who has worked in the Washington D.C. region for 35 years, said she plans to open her new restaurant in late summer after deciding on a name earlier this month.

It was originally reported the name would be Crave by Helen, but Wasserman discovered the word “crave” is trademarked by a Midwestern restaurant. Instead, she settled on the name Helen’s The Bar after her son pitched the idea.

Wasserman’s partner is her long-time head waiter Kevin Bullock. The two have been working together for 15 years.

Wasserman plans to serve the food she has been cooking for years for her catering customers – a mix of Asian, Spanish and Southern comfort food.


“We’ll have things like meatloaf, short ribs, and seafood on the menu,” said Wasserman.

She said the 1,800 square foot restaurant can sit about 50 or 60 people inside and another 50 outside.

Wasserman recently reviewed renovation plans for the approximately 100-year-old building. She said the interior will include a “homey” dining room attached to a bar area and that she’s hoping to install an awning above the patio. The staple yellow exterior on the bungalow will change as well, said Wasserman. She’s still looking for a chef.


“We’d love to have someone come in as a working partner,” said Wasserman.

Addie’s, which was the first location of the Black Restaurant Group, closed in November after being open for 18 years.

Wasserman said she moved quickly to secure the former Addie’s location at 1120 Rockville Pike because it’s in her neighborhood and is well-known in the community.


“I never thought I’d get a restaurant in that area,” said Wasserman. “I was looking in downtown Washington, but when it became available I knew it was just me.”