There could be some resolution of the feud between Bethesda condo owners and a Latin dance club on Thursday, when The Parva goes before the county’s Board of License Commissioners for its alcohol license renewal.

Until then, there’s this: A live cam looking down on The Parva from the Fairmont Plaza condo across the street, complete with a countdown clock to the hearing date. It’s called and it is meant to chronicle the “debauchery” Fairmont Plaza residents say emanates from the restaurant, bar and lounge at 7904 Woodmont Ave.

Residents, who say they’re tired of booming late-night music and drunken patrons, have circulated a petition within the building that would allow them to speak at the Thursday alcohol hearing.

Juan Carlos Balcazar, who opened The Parva with his brother in July 2011, said the residents are trying to harass him and have no proof of any alcohol-related issues with his business.

According to IP address information, was registered on May 7.

The website is described as “A 24/7 live cam holding Parva owner J.C. Balcazar responsible for their bad behavior. Fighting, public urination, assault, drunk driving and egregious noise violations are just some of the sights being recorded.”


An information page delves deeper:
Long a neighborhood blight, Parva’s owners continually encourage bad behavior. This camera will capture the debauchery as it happens. It’ll also record everything and will be made available to police, the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control and other concerned parties.

Common sights include public urination, fighting, drunk driving and other activities. Viewer discretion advised.
It should make for an interesting Thursday hearing in Rockville.