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I don’t think there has ever been a local beer as anticipated as Flying Dog’s Dead Rise. Countless publications have written about its release over the past few months. That’s put craft beer drinkers in a frenzy to get their hands on it.

We were one of the lucky few stores to be able to get some of the first shipment.

It pours a slightly hazy, straw color with moderate carbonation and one finger of white head. Old Bay is readily apparent on the nose, but not overpowering.

I didn’t get much Old Bay on the palate, more so notes of white pepper and some citrus, which was much better than drinking straight Old Bay. It finishes clean with a little bit of a bite, leaving you wanting another sip. This beer pairs absolutely perfectly with Maryland blue crab, most other seafood and all the fun that comes with summer on the shore.

Flying Dog's Dead RiseAt first, I was a little disappointed about the actual amount of Old Bay. I love Old Bay and salty foods. I wouldn’t have minded an Old Bay bomb in the beer.


Then, I thought about what that much Old Bay would mean. You wouldn’t be able to drink more than one or two.

The more I drink this brew, the more it grows on me. Flying Dog hit a homerun with this summer beer. It’s a great beer that helps a great cause. (Proceeds benefit True Blue, a program that advocates on behalf of Chesapeake Bay’s 5,500 watermen.)

We will have Dead Rise by the case and six-pack at Georgetown Square Wine and Beer and by the case, six pack and growler fills at Downtown Crown Wine and Beer in Gaithersburg.


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