NOTE: A Facebook post on Dec. 8 incorrectly provided a link to this previous story on the Corned Beef King food truck. Follow this link for the correct story, from Dec. 8.

Montgomery County’s corned beef king finally has a permanent spot in Bethesda and the retooling Bethesda Farm Women’s Market might have its first “big draw.”

The Olney-based Corned Beef King food truck signed on for a spot at the Women’s Market (7155 Wisconsin Ave.) that will allow owner Jon Rossler to serve sandwiches and other items from 11 a.m.-9 p.m., seven days a week.

Rossler will take the truck off its typical route. He said it was difficult to keep finding drivers and suitable locations.

“I’m just going to take it down there and leave it down there and build the business,” Rossler said. “It’s hard to find great corned beef, pastrami and brisket in town. Hopefully, we’ll become the hub.”

It’s Rossler’s second attempt at a stationary location for his truck in Bethesda. Rossler had plans to bring the truck to the shuttered BP gas station at 7725 Old Georgetown Rd. on a semi-permanent basis, before the site is redeveloped into a luxury condominium building. That never materialized.


Now, Rossler will pay the Farm Women’s Market a monthly fee to set up on the property. It will allow him to expand the menu from about nine to maybe as many as 25 sandwiches.

The Farm Women’s Market is aggressively recruiting new food trucks and vendors to populate the outdoor section of its property, which includes the historic market building. Rossler said some good Yelp reviews helped get him some attention.

Go Fish, a seafood truck that along with Corned Beef King was one of Montgomery County’s pioneering food trucks, opened a spot inside the market building earlier this year.


The Corned Beef King will start off at the market on Saturday.

“My route is very successful. I know the truck will do great there after a little while, but I’m a little nervous it’s going to be a slow start,” Rossler admitted.

Photo via Corned Beef King