The interactive science and technology learning facility for kids being built in Bethesda’s Davis Library will open to the public on Sunday, Oct. 26.

The KID Museum, which entered into a partnership with Montgomery County for the space, will include 7,500 square feet of 3D printers, laser cutters, circuits, motors, cameras and other tools meant to teach science, technology and the arts.

The grand opening will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the previously unused first floor of the Davis Library (6400 Democracy Blvd.). KID Museum founder Cara Lesser pushed for a County Council-approved a grant to fund outreach and operations at the facility, which the KID Museum will have for three years. The plan is then to find another more permanent facility somewhere else in the county.

“Drop-in sessions and workshops will feature creative coding and game design, electronics and circuit-building, digital fabrication using 21st century tools and everyday materials, animation and cartooning, electronic sound and music production, textile arts, and digital storytelling. Alongside these experiences, multicultural exhibits and programs will highlight how culture is reflected and constructed through various “made” objects,” read a press release.

For now, the museum will be open just on weekends and on weekdays for scheduled school field trips. After-school programs will begin in 2015. After the free grand opening day, general admission will be $8 per person.

KID Museum anticipates it will serve 20,000 visitors in its first year. At an event in June to announce the KID Museum-Montgomery County partnership, elected officials said they hoped to help Lesser find a more permanent space once the three-year Davis Library deal is over.