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Lerner Enterprises and its partner, The Tower Companies, announced Thursday they will retain the White Flint name for the property where White Flint Mall is currently located, which they are planning to redevelop into a mixed-use town center with multi-story residential buildings and street-level retail.

“It has always been our plan to keep the name because of its historical and recognizable brand equity,” Edward de Avila, Lerner’s vice president of redevelopment, said in a statement.

On Tuesday, stakeholders in the area—including resident and business representatives—agreed to call the area surrounding the White Flint Metro station as the Pike District after a months-long process to determine a new name.

Lerner’s plan to retain the name for their land was expected. Throughout the renaming process, Lerner has stated it likes the name White Flint, while others developers such as The JBG Companies and Federal Realty said the name is too closely associated with the now nearly abandoned White Flint Mall and did not support it being used as a name for the entire developing district.

“We recognize that there was some confusion, which stemmed from the distinguished brand equity of White Flint and how it has extended beyond the mall property,” De Avila stated.

Lerner plans to support that name for the larger area and participate in a larger marketing effort to brand the area that stretches from North Bethesda to the City of Rockville line as the Pike District.


Lerner’s plans to redevelop the mall property have been stalled by lawsuits, with remaining tenant Lord & Taylor still contesting the company’s plans to redevelop.