Recent tree cutting work along a section of River Road in Bethesda left many wondering what was going on.

Pepco says it’s responsible for the work, which consisted of cutting down dozens of trees along the east side of River Road just north of the entrance to Kenwood Country Club.

The tree cutting is part of Pepco’s tree maintenance plan around power lines that are susceptible to damage from trees during severe storms, according to a company spokesperson.

Cutting down these particular trees was required by regulations establishing minimum clearances between trees and power lines, according to a statement from the company:

“Pepco’s necessary work along River Road is part of our ongoing tree maintenance plan to ensure safe and reliable service to our customers. The trimming and tree removal on this state highway is required by regulations that mandate minimum clearances between trees and power lines. Pepco worked with government agencies to get approval for the work and will be replanting close to 100 trees.”

The trees had reached the level of a power line that runs alongside River Road and the fence outside the Kenwood Country Club golf course.