The marketing team at a new apartment building in Woodmont Triangle put together a short quiz meant to gauge “just how ‘Bethesda'” one might be.

The quiz, from Bainbridge Bethesda, asks how often you exercise on the Capital Crescent Trail, the greatest number of times you’ve eaten at Bethesda Row restaurant Raku in a week, and others about where you buy bread and coffee.

Answer a locally-owned shop rather than a corporate chain, and your “Bethesda-ness” goes up.
“The town of Bethesda, MD is one of the most affluent and educated communities in the United States. Though small, there is a lot of personality stuffed into this DC suburb. Longtime community residents most fully embody the culture of the city. Take this quiz to see where you fall in the range of true Bethesda-ness (whatever THAT means)!”
If you stray toward local businesses and using mass transit, you’ll probably achieve a “Bethesda to the MAX!” rating.
According to the quiz, that makes you so Bethesda that you could hold a mayoral position that doesn’t even exist for the unincorporated area: “Your skin oozes pure Bethesda. When someone looks up ‘Bethesda’ in the dictionary, they’ll see a picture of your face. You’re so Bethesda, you could be the town mayor.”
Ratings also include “Borderline Bethesda,” and “Basic Bethesda,” meaning “you know a bit about the town of Bethesda, but you’re probably not from there. Study up and you’ll be so much more than basic.”
Photo via Bainbridge Bethesda