DC Style Factory founder Rosana Vollmerhausen ties a simple scarf knot. Nordstrom Plaid Blanket Wrap, $48 at Nordstrom in Westfield Montgomery mall and nordstrom.com

How to Style a Blanket Scarf Like a Pro

We asked local experts to share tips for wearing this season’s must-have accessory

As a busy mom of three, Rosana Vollmerhausen, founder of personal-styling business DC Style Factory, appreciates a functional fashion trend. “Blanket scarves are popular because they’re wearable and make a statement,” says the Silver Spring resident, who’s worked alongside celebrity stylist Stacy London. “They’re also a great way to elevate your style while keeping your look relaxed.” To prevent the accessory from overwhelming your outfit, Vollmerhausen suggests folding the scarf in a triangle, then piling it loosely across your shoulders or tying it in a simple knot in front of your chest.

Rachel Edwards, manager and buyer for Bethesda boutique Sassanova, looks to runway shows, fashion magazines and social media for trends. Plaid and geometric shapes have re-emerged this season, appearing in fall lines such as Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Fendi. Edwards, who prefers to drape blanket scarves over her shoulders like a shawl, suggests “incorporating colors you’re already wearing, which will pull the whole look together.”

Bethesda stylist Robin Fisher, who counts news anchors and diplomats as clients, says scarves can add drama to your winter wardrobe. The key is finding one that complements your natural beauty. “For a polished and sophisticated look, choose a pattern that blends with your hair color and skin tone,” she says. “If you hold the scarf up to your face, there shouldn’t be a huge disconnect in color.”



That’s a Wrap

Upgrade your winter wardrobe with oversized scarves in dramatic patterns

1. Burberry Color Block Blanket Scarf, $375 at Bloomingdale’s in Chevy Chase and bloomingdales.com (above left)


2. Coco International Plaid Check Scarf, $50 at Sassanova in Bethesda (above right)

3. Zara Soft Geometric Scarf, $36 at Zara in Westfield Montgomery mall and zara.com


4. V. Fraas Herringbone/Plaid Blanket Scarf, $58 at Irresistibles in Wildwood Shopping Center (above left)

5. Lou Lou Jade Blanket Scarf, $35 at Lou Lou in Bethesda and loulouboutiques.com (above right)



Winter Hair Survival Guide

Plagued by dull, limp hair that won’t cooperate? You’re not alone, which is why we turned to Ira Ludwick of Ira Ludwick Salon in Bethesda. Here are his top three tips to revitalize lackluster locks.


1. Moisturize Your Hair and Scalp

“People forget that your scalp is an extension of your skin,” Ludwick says. “And a healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair.”
To combat flakes and soothe irritation, he recommends using a gentle shampoo packed with calming botanicals. Leave-in treatments and masks are also good options to help restore damage caused by environmental factors (or a love affair with your flat iron). Davines Calming Shampoo $28 at Ira Ludwick Salon in Bethesda

2. Fight Frizz with Oil


The combination of dry, winter air and indoor heat can wreak havoc on your mane, says Ludwick, who began his hairdressing career in 1974. His clients’ number one complaint? Static electricity. “The lack of humidity and moisture causes an electrical charge, so your hair stands on end,” he says. To eliminate frizz and restore shine, apply a drop of nourishing oil to wet or dry hair, beginning mid-shaft and working your way to the ends. Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil $49 at Bluemercury in Bethesda and bluemercury.com

3. Go Easy on the Shampoo

Women with fine to medium hair can usually wash their tresses on a daily basis, according to Ludwick. However, those with curly, coarse or textured hair are able to go days—sometimes weeks—without lathering up, especially in winter. To revive limp locks between washes, Ludwick suggests “applying a volume powder or texturizing spray to make hair more manageable, without adding unnecessary weight.” Sachajuan Volume Powder $18 at Anthropologiein Chevy Chase and anthropologie.com