Chelsea Manning might move to Montgomery County

Chelsea Manning, the former soldier who leaked government documents about the war in Iraq, plans to move to either Bethesda or Takoma Park after she is released from Fort Leavenworth prison in May later this year, according to a tweet. Her 35-year sentence was commuted by former President Barack Obama before he left office. [The Hill]

Man charged in Comet Ping Pong case offered undisclosed plea deal


The North Carolina man accused of taking over the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Chevy Chase, D.C., on Dec. 4 has been offered a plea deal by federal prosecutors. The deal was not described during a federal court appearance Tuesday. Edgar Maddison Welch, 28, pleaded not guilty Dec. 16 to federal firearm and ammunition charges and two D.C. offenses. [Washington Post]

Van Hollen supporting Haley’s nomination, opposing Mnuchin’s

Sen. Chris Van Hollen supported South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s nomination to be U.N. ambassador. She was ultimately confirmed for the position Tuesday. Van Hollen also announced he was opposing Steve Mnuchin’s nomination to be secretary of the treasury. Van Hollen’s statement notes the foreclosures at Mnuchin’s bank and his failure to disclose $100 million in assets. [Van Hollen website]


Where were you in ’62? Probably amazed at the election results

Once the ballots were counted, no one could believe the results. It was 1962, and Bill Offutt of Bethesda will be talking Saturday about what came next during a session at the Montgomery County History Conference. [Washington Post]

Rockville planning meet and greet with state lawmakers


Rockville will provide two buses to transport city officials and residents to Annapolis on Jan. 30 to meet the lawmakers who represent District 17 in the Maryland General Assembly. Seats are available, on a first-come, first-served basis, by calling 240-314-8113 or emailing The buses will leave from the main entrance of City Hall at about 4:30 p.m. and will depart Annapolis around 9 p.m. to return to City Hall by 10 p.m. The event is sponsored by the four-person District 17 delegation. [Rockville city website]

Sunny, warm today

Sunny today with highs around 59. Southwest winds at 5 to 10 mph. Partly cloudy skies this evening. Increasing clouds with periods of showers late. Lows around 48. South-southwest winds at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent. [Fox 5]


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