Myles Bowersox Credit: STATE'S ATTORNEY'S OFFICE

A 25-year-old Rockville man received a life sentence plus 20 years Wednesday in Montgomery County Circuit Court for his conviction on sex offense charges, according to the county State’s Attorney’s Office.

After a three-day jury trial in September, Myles Bowersox of the 13000 block of Midway Avenue was convicted of first-, second- and third-degree sex offenses, as well as home invasion in the Nov. 16, 2015, attack on a Rockville woman.

The crime occurred in an apartment building on Dowgate Court. At about 4 a.m., the 63-year-old victim called police to say a man had entered her bedroom through a window, removed her clothes, pulled her shirt over her head and raped her.

According to a statement of charges from Montgomery County police, Bowersox  then held a knife to the victim’s stomach after the attack and told her he would kill her if she told anyone. He then left through the window.

Although the woman couldn’t describe the man, police said forensic technicians found fingerprints on the interior bedroom window molding. Three days later, police matched the fingerprints to Bowersox.

“Today’s sentence protects our community from a sexual predator and punishes Mr. Bowersox for the vile acts he committed at knifepoint,” State’s Attorney’s Office spokesman Ramon Korionoff said.


“Every senior citizen’s worst nightmare was realized that fateful November night. … A home invasion and sexual assault. The victim should be commended for her strength and character for testifying against this menace to his neighbors,” Korionoff said.

During the trial, Bowersox denied having ever been in the victim’s apartment, according to the State’s Attorney’s Office.