Class 520 is opening on Elm Street. Credit: Joe Zimmermann

The rolled Thai ice cream shop Class 520 is about to open in Bethesda.

The shop, at 4941 Elm St., will be offering its unusual dessert starting Friday, its manager said.

Class 520 serves “Thai-inspired” ice cream that is made by pouring a milk-based liquid onto an extremely cold, flat metal circle. The liquid is then spread out and rolled as it freezes. The ice cream is served as quarter-sized rolls in a bowl, and the result has become a trendy dessert item.

“We definitely expect a lot of people to not know what to expect and finding out when they’re there,” Adam Shi, the manager, said.

The first 30 customers on Friday and Saturday will receive coupon cards for three months of free ice cream, the company announced.

The shop offers several ice cream options, all for $7.70, including mango- and strawberry-based Mad Mango and coffee-flavored Morning Latte. In addition to the set flavors, customers can chose build-your-own options and select from a variety of toppings such as marshmallows, sprinkles and fruits. 


Class 520 also serves milk teas and fruit teas for $4.95 each, as well as green milk teas and other specialty drinks. It has bar-style seating with about 15 chairs across one long table, Shi said.

The Bethesda shop, which was announced in January, will be the company’s second location. Another location of Class 520 opened on Dawson Avenue in Rockville in October. Shi said the owners are also looking to open a location in North Virginia.

Shi said the Bethesda Class 520 will be similar to the other shop except it swaps out a few flavors—it offers Reese’s and chocolate ice cream instead of Key Lime and lychee—and he expects it to get more foot traffic since it’s in a downtown area.


Class 520 will be open from noon to 10 p.m. daily.

Thai rolled ice cream with toppings. Via Class 520’s Facebook