CSNY Pizza at 1020 Rockville Pike Credit: Via CSNY Pizza/Instagram

CSNY Pizza, a pizza place offering New York-style pies for carryout or delivery, opened last week in Rockville.

The restaurant, at 1020 Rockville Pike, is open for lunch and will later extend its hours, according to its website.

CSNY Pizza is the second location of Pizza CS, which operates at 1596-B Rockville Pike, about a mile south from the new restaurant . The CS stands for “come sempre” or “like always” in Italian.

However, CSNY Pizza has a distinctly different flavor from the original restaurant, which serves Neapolitan pizza with imported tomatoes baked in a wood-fire oven. Co-owner Ankur Rajpara said the new restaurant will focus on making New York-style pizza because he found the area lacks pizzerias that make it properly.

“We didn’t feel like there were many people with the right equipment, the right ingredients and right attention to detail,” Rajpara, an owner of both restaurants, told Bethesda Beat in January.

CSNY Pizza offers a 14-inch pizza for $14.50 and an 18-inch pizza for $18.50. Toppings include mushrooms, green peppers, salami, red onions, pepperoni and sausage. It also serves pizza by the slice for $3.25 to $4.50 and hot subs for $11.


The pizzeria’s opening was first reported by local retail blog The Store Reporter.

CSNY Pizza is open from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily until it extend its hours.

Editor’s note: The opening time has been corrected from 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.