Owners of Peake ReLeaf have found a place to set up a medical marijuana dispensary in Rockville.

Warren Lemley, Peake Releaf’s president, said the company is leasing space alongside a pizzeria and craft beer and wine store in a shopping center at 12303 Twinbrook Parkway.

Peake ReLeaf–named in honor of the Chesapeake Bay–has applied for a final license from the state and building permits from the city of Rockville, and Lemley is eager to start business

The roughly 4,200-square-foot dispensary will sell a wide range of cannabis products, including tinctures and marijuana buds, he said. About eight staff members will work at the shop, which probably will be open seven days a week. Lemley said the business hours are still up in the air.

Peake ReLeaf is working with a third-party vendor to install a “pretty bold security system” that will feature facial recognition cameras, he said.

Lemley, of North Potomac, said the business partners behind Peake ReLeaf are from Maryland, but have been working in the medical marijuana industry in Colorado for the past decade. His background is in restaurant management, he said.


“It’s definitely been exciting to be providing our old community with the medicine it deserves,” he said.

As the state ramps up its medical marijuana program, another Rockville dispensary company is looking to open just off Darnestown Road in the Shady Grove medical district. Other businesses have announced plans to open in Silver Spring—one at the former home of Banner Glass on Fenton Street and the other around the corner from the Silver Spring Metro station.

Peake ReLeaf’s decision to move into the Twinbrook area was first reported by Montgomery Newsletter, a subscription-only online publication focused on real estate and development.


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