Security footage showing someone posting a sign on the outside of Montgomery Blair High School Credit: Via MCPS

Fliers stating “it’s okay to be white” were found outside Montgomery Blair High School on Wednesday, likely part of a national campaign to stir up racial discord.

Principal Renay Johnson wrote in a letter to parents that staff members discovered the signs on 10 exterior doors when they showed up at the Silver Spring school around 5:45 a.m. They took down the fliers before students arrived, she wrote in the letter Wednesday.

Stickers and signs with the same phrase have appeared in several locations around the nation this week. Johnson said she believes the objective of the fliers is “to foment racial and political tension in our school and community.”

“I want you to know that Montgomery Blair is a very smart, diverse and inclusive community and we will not fall victim to attempts to divide us,” Johnson wrote.

Blair High staff members are investigating the situation and asking anyone with information to contact the school’s security team leader, she wrote.

A security camera captured someone wearing a light-colored hoodie taping the sign on the outside of a door.


People posting this week in the online forum 4chan and other chatrooms urged forum members to print the signs and place them around college campuses, on car windshields and elsewhere. The stated goal was to generate media coverage that would encourage people to get involved in “pro-white activism.”

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