Dump trucks are directed out of the Marriott construction site Tuesday morning. Credit: Caitlynn Peetz

Traffic around the Marriott International headquarters construction site will likely be more congested through the spring as work advances on the project in downtown Bethesda.

Excavation is underway and dump truck trips in and out of the site have increased from a handful each day to more than 200, according to information from Marriott.

Although a “phasing plan” has been implemented to limit the strain of dump truck activity on Woodmont Avenue traffic, workers will continue to direct traffic with signs to stop and slow traffic as trucks enter and exit the development site.

Since breaking ground in June 2018, development has run smoothly and its developers, Bernstein Cos. and Boston Properties, have run a “model project,” according to Montgomery County Regional Services Director Ken Hartman.

“I wish every project in Bethesda was like this, where the developer creates a relationship with the community and local businesses to address and solve any issues that come up quickly,” Hartman said. “And the folks who run the traffic flow couldn’t be more professional and committed to make sure the pedestrians in the area are safe.”

Regional Services Center staff said there haven’t been any formal complaints filed recently. One area restaurant previously expressed concerns about its ability to receive deliveries due to truck movement through the area, but the issue has since been resolved.


The $600 million Marriott project will include a 244-room hotel with meeting space and a neighborhood restaurant to stand next to the office high-rise, with a plaza running between the two buildings to connect Woodmont and Wisconsin avenues. About 3,500 people are expected to be employed at the new headquarters.

Bedrock blasting is expected to begin in March and the project’s general contractor, Hensel Phelps, has received approval for a temporary noise waiver from the county’s Department of Environmental Protection.

“Similar to the blasting of the nearby Purple Line station in December, we do not anticipate much noise or disruption,” Marriott said in a weekly development update newsletter.


Overnight construction work to include upgrading storm water management systems and sanitary and water lines will begin Feb. 1 and span from 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. each day until August.

“The work performed during these nighttime hours will not include noisier activities such as jackhammering, street sawing, etc.” Marriott said.

The sidewalk along Wisconsin Avenue in front of the project is expected to remain closed for the duration of the development process, expected to be completed in 2022.


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  1. I understand that a construction project can “rent” the lane closest to the curb in front of their site. This represents extra revenue to the county which I guess is a good thing, despite my property taxes not going down…BUT – the Marriott site and the Purple Line site and whatever is the other site on Wisconsin in Bethesda regularly take both the right land and the one next to it. If this is legal, what was the thought behind it and how can this be made a tad more equitable for residents and others who use that road?

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