Residential real estate is big business in Montgomery County. Last year, 12,312 homes were sold for a total sales volume of $6.67 billion. Not surprisingly, Montgomery County has attracted a small army of real estate agents who do business here—7,790 agents work in the county.

But not all real estate agents are created equal. A small percentage of the agents sell a large percentage of the homes.

On the following pages we list the top producers—the individual agents with total sales in the county of at least $7.5 million between Nov. 1, 2017, and Oct. 31, 2018; and teams with at least $12 million in sales during the same period.

In the list, we tag an elite group of agents and teams as “top tier producers.” Agents with that designation had at least $15 million in sales, and teams had average sales of at least $5 million per team member. Top tier producers are designated with the symbol.

The agents and teams are listed in alphabetical order under the offices where they work. The list reflects the brokerage the agents/teams were affiliated with as of Jan. 23, 2019.


The sales data was provided by the real estate brokerages and offices that are listed.