Credit: Photo from Montgomery County Public Schools

A student at Ridgeview Middle School in Gaithersburg on Tuesday told another student he would “shoot up” the school, but the comment was not a credible threat, according to the principal.

Separately, a student took bullets to the school on Tuesday and shared a casing with other students.

Principal Daniel E. Garcia shared information about both incidents in a letter to parents and guardians on Tuesday.

In both cases, there was no danger and no intent of using the bullets or carrying out the threat, the letter says. But the students involved will face “serious consequences” under the school district’s Code of Conduct, Garcia wrote. Their parents were contacted.

After the student was overheard making the “shoot up” comment to another student, the administration quickly worked with Montgomery County police and security officials to investigate.

In the other incident, a student took bullets to school and shared one casing with a second student before first period. The second student then shared the casing with a third student, who told a staff member. Authorities safely took possession of the ammunition.


“I want you to know that the safety and security of our students is of the utmost priority,” Garcia wrote. “When we become aware of incidents such as these, we take them seriously and act immediately to ensure the safety of students and staff.”