Avenue Cafe opened in downtown Bethesda earlier this week Credit: Photo by Dan Schere

Avenue Café in Bethesda opened this week in downtown Bethesda. The fast-casual restaurant serves a variety of sandwiches and crepes.

The café is in a narrow space at 4924 Del Ray Ave. with limited seating. Customers at the counter from a menu on the wall.

Sandwiches include cheesesteaks, turkey, falafel and gyro, with most costing between $7 and $9. Avenue Café also serves sweet and savory crepes that are between $7 and $8.

Avenue Café is open from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. and is adjacent to a hookah lounge.

Avenue Cafe is owned by Ahmed Kamel, who told Bethesda Beat of his plans last month to open the restaurant. The café replaces Wiggle Room consignment shop, which closed in May 2018.

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