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The Bethesda-based hotel company Marriott International is furloughing tens of thousands of workers due to decreased demand that has occurred in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Marriott announced in a press release on Tuesday that it was “adjusting global operations,” which has meant employees have had to take temporary leave or work fewer hours.

The company did not give numbers in its press release, but Brendan McManus, a company spokesman, confirmed in an interview that tens of thousands of workers globally will be furloughed.

International travel restrictions along with limits on the number of people for gatherings has caused the drop in demand, the company stated in the press release.

The company says employees will keep certain benefits while they are furloughed.

“Our associates will keep their health benefits during this difficult period and continue to be eligible for company-paid free short-term disability that provides income protection should they get sick,” the press release stated.


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