The known cases of the coronavirus in Montgomery County increased by 211, or nearly 3%, in a day, bringing the total number of cases to 8,417 on Monday morning.

There have been 442 confirmed deaths from the virus in the county. Five of those deaths were added to the count overnight.

Montgomery County has the highest number of deaths in the state. Prince George’s County follows behind, with 415 deaths.

However, Prince George’s County, at 11,608, is ahead of Montgomery County in the number of cases.

There have been no deaths from the virus in Caroline, Garrett and Somerset counties.

The Maryland Department of Health reported Monday that there have been 38 “probable” deaths in Montgomery County. “Probable” means the coronavirus is listed as the cause on a death certificate, but that has not been confirmed by laboratory tests yet.


Statewide, Maryland now has 39,762 confirmed cases of the virus after 958 were added overnight. The number of confirmed deaths rose by 34, for a total of 1,903 on Monday morning. There have been 120 “probable” deaths.

More than 1,440 patients are currently hospitalized with the virus — 892 are in acute care and 555 are in intensive care. Forty patients have been released in the last 24 hours.

A total of 161,744 people have tested negative for the virus and 2,817 people have been released from isolation.


Women account for 20,706 cases and 940 deaths in Maryland. There have been 19,056 cases and 963 deaths among men.

The most deaths, 852, have occurred in people age 80 or older. No patients 19 or younger have died from the virus.

The most cases, 7,266, have been found in people ages 30 to 39.


There is still a disparity for cases and deaths in racial data. African Americans have experienced the most cases, 12,220, and deaths, 792.

Hispanics have had more cases than white people, but have had fewer deaths. Hispancs account for 9,196 cases and 156 deaths. There have been 8,180 cases and 785 deaths among white people.

The Asian population has had 770 cases and 68 deaths.

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