Tables with privacy screens are set up and ready for voters at the Gaithersburg Activity Center on Election Day. Credit: File photo

The general election turnout for Montgomery County voters was 78% as of Wednesday’s ballot count, with more ballots being counted each day.

More than 45,800 registered voters showed up to cast a ballot on Election Day. More than 127,700 voted during the early-voting period.

The county has received about 331,000 mail-in ballots. Of those, around 175,000 had been accepted, as of Wednesday.

Gilberto Zelaya, a spokesman for the county’s Board of Elections, said during a media briefing on Wednesday that mail-in ballot statuses are still in the process of being flipped from “received” to “accepted” as votes continue to be counted in the coming days.

A little more than 13,000 provisional ballots were submitted before Election Day and roughly 5,600 more were submitted on Election Day.

In the 2016 election, the county had a voter turnout of 73%, according to Zelaya.


“That number is fluctuating after our canvass and after we start our count in making sure everything is tallied,” he said.

The county had a delay in getting results from its 304 Election Day scanners because there was an interest in having precinct-based reporting, according to Zelaya.

The state sent the scanners to the county’s 40 Election Day polling locations.


“Please rest assured we will count all votes cast,” Zelaya said, adding that the 2020 election season is one of “patience and delayed gratification.”

Zelaya said the counting process is slow, but it’s about being precise rather than fast.
“The election is not over,” he said.

Latest results

The latest results for candidates and issues on Montgomery County ballots, as of 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, are:

School board, at-large
(one winner)
• Lynne Harris: 150,355
• Sunil Dasgupta: 127,075

School board, District 2
(one winner)
• Rebecca Smondrowki: 156,967
• Michael Fryar: 105,168

School board, District 4
(one winner)
• Shebra Evans: 172,824
• Steve Solomon: 92,655

Montgomery County Circuit Court judge
(four winners)
• Bibi M. Berry: 220,190
• David A. Boynton: 203,552
• Michael Joseph McAuliffe: 201,440
• Christopher C. Fogleman: 194,606
• Marylin Pierre: 140,048


U.S. Congress, District 3 (one winner)
• John Sarbanes: 28,333
• Charles Anthony: 9,385

U.S. Congress, District 6
(one winner)
• David J. Trone: 85,966
• Neil C. Parrott: 33,385
• George Gluck: 2,387

U.S. Congress, District 8
(one winner)
• Jamie Raskin: 142,254
• Gregory Thomas Coll: 35,636

President (Montgomery County vote totals)
• Joe Biden: 265,188
• Donald J. Trump: 72,888
• Jo Jorgensen: 2,529
• Howie Gresham Hawkins: 2,096
• Jerome M. Segal: 1,093

Judge of Maryland Court of Appeals
Mary Ellen Barbera, for continuance in office
• Yes: 264,116
• No: 29,975


Judge of Maryland Court of Special Appeals, At Large
E. Gregory Wells, for continuance in office
• Yes: 253,658
• No: 35,330

Judge of Maryland Court of Special Appeals, District 7

Steven B. Gould, for continuance in office
• Yes: 243,367
• No: 39,953

Montgomery County Question A (limit tax-rate increases)
• For: 194,474
• Against: 121,286

Montgomery County Question B (prohibit override of property-tax limit)
• For: 134,940
• Against: 179,081


Montgomery County Question C (increase County Council to 11 seats)
• For: 192,561
• Against: 122,589

Montgomery County Question D (change County Council to 9 district seats)
• For: 134,724
• Against: 178,566

Maryland Question 1
(change state budget process)
• For: 1,518,357
• Against: 537,287

Maryland Question 2 (allow sports and event wagering)
• For: 1,422,520
• Against: 714,433


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