VÜK will close on May 16 in downtown Bethesda after five years. Credit: Photo by Dan Schere

After five years of serving pizza and pinball to downtown Bethesda customers, VÜK will close this month, the restaurant has announced.

VÜK posted on its Facebook page on Sunday that it is closing because the restaurant’s five-year lease at 4924 St. Elmo Ave. is ending and construction is scheduled to start soon on a new high-rise apartment building. Its last day will be May 16.

MOM’s Organic Market founder and CEO Scott Nash opened VÜK in May 2016.

The name is an acronym for vertical up kicker, which is the spring that shoots the pinball into the game.

Nash told Bethesda Beat at the time that he was aware of the pending redevelopment of the building, and considered moving VÜK to another location if it was successful.

Nash could not immediately be reached for comment Monday morning.


In Sunday’s Facebook post, the business posted that the pinball games will be distributed to the MOM’s stores in College Park, Md., and Abington, Pa.

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