Credit: via Montgomery County Planning Department

A developer has proposed a project in the White Oak area that would replace a one-story office building with a five-story, 390-unit apartment building.

The property is at 2220 Broadbirch Drive. It currently has a 66,150-square-foot office building and a surface parking lot. They would be razed to accommodate the new development, according to an application submitted to the Montgomery County Planning Board by White Oak Apartments LLC.

The developer has pitched a five-story apartment building with about 390 units, and a series of 14 “two-over-two” units, like townhouses. The total density would be 447,510 square feet.

About 12.5% of the units (49) would be designated as affordable housing, in alignment with local law.

Also included in the plan are surface parking and a parking garage with 530 spaces, according to the plan.

The property is about one-quarter of a mile from a Flash bus rapid transit station.


More information about the project is expected in later stages of the development approval process.

DC Urban Turf first reported about the project on Tuesday.