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Mexicue, a chain of fast-casual Mexican restaurants that based in New York City, is coming to downtown Bethesda.

The restaurant will replace Gusto Farm to Street at 4733 Elm St., according to Judith Cohen, office administrator with Greenhill Companies, the landlord for the space. Gusto closed last year due to economic challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emily Baumann, the general manager of one of the New York Mexicue locations, confirmed in an email to Bethesda Beat that the restaurant is coming to Bethesda, but did not have additional details.

Neither Baumann nor Cohen had an estimate for when the restaurant would open.

Mexicue founder Thomas Kelly started the business more than a decade ago as a food truck selling items such as barbecue beets and smoked short rib tacos, according to the website. Mexicue has since become a brick-and-mortar chain with multiple locations in New York, one in Stamford, Conn. and one in Washington, D.C.

Mexicue’s menu includes a variety of tacos and burritos. The tacos are priced from $6 to $8 and feature different types of chicken, fish, shrimp, barbecue and vegetable mash-ups. Burritos are priced from $10 to $12 and include the “jamburrito” (chicken, chorizo, beans, cheese), smokey chicken and roasted vegetable varieties, among others.


Mexicue features a drink menu with cocktails for $10 to $15. There is also a brunch menu for weekends that features alcoholic beverages for $7.50 and entrees such as cornbread French toast, huevos rancheros and a breakfast burrito.

Mexicue’s impending arrival was reported by Robert Dyer on Monday.

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