Credit: Screenshot from Nextdoor

Maryland-National Capital Park police are investigating incidents in which wooden boards with sharp metal spikes jutting out found were found along Beach Drive in the Kensington area last month.

Park police received five reports of boards that were found in the stretch of Beach Drive between Garrett Park Road and Strathmore Avenue, according to a press release.

All five calls were in July, Lt. Tracy Lieberman, a park police spokeswoman, told Bethesda Beat.

Police said on Thursday that because multiple boards were found in one location, they think it’s a deliberate act.

Additionally, a post that surfaced online on the neighborhood platform Nextdoor featured a picture of one of the boards with the caption “anti-cyclist spike strip vandal on Beach Drive.” The post stated that the boards had been found in that specific stretch of Beach Drive.

Lieberman said a Bethesda Beat reporter’s tip about a Nextdoor post helped them pinpoint the location of the boards.


She said police don’t know if one person or multiple people are behind the boards.

“We have officers working on it, and we really would love for the citizens of the community to let us know if they have additional information,” she said. Park police can be reached at 301-949-8010.

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