A conceptual drawing of the proposed development on Wisconsin Avenue.

A 21-story, 360-unit apartment building with ground-floor retail is proposed for 7126 Wisconsin Ave. in Bethesda.

The project’s design is “rooted in its unique location” at the intersection of Wisconsin and Bethesda Avenues, and across from the historic Farm Women’s Market, planning documents say.

“The building takes a classic, timeless approach to design and strives to create a precedent for future development in the area,” the project proposal says.

The project used to be part of a redevelopment proposal for the Farm Women’s Market, but is removed in this iteration.

The project includes a roughly 6,000-square-foot addition to the market itself, and includes building 585 new homes and 32,000 square feet of retail space.

A large “civic green” is included.


Fifteen percent (about 54) of the units in the 21-story building would be designated as affordable housing.

Also included in project plans is an underground parking garage with four levels. The total number of spaces will be determined in later phases of the development review process, according to planning documents.

There will be a rooftop terrace, including a pool and grilling areas. The space will be designed as “a series of outdoor rooms to accommodate relatively small groups of people for social interaction, grilling and enjoyment of the views and open air,” documents say.


The project plan was detailed in documents submitted to the Bethesda Downtown Design Advisory Panel, which provides recommendations and guidance about project designs. It is generally the first, informal step of the development approval process.

More details are expected when the proposal is filed with the Montgomery County Planning Department, according to the documents.

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