Little Beet Table in Chevy Chase has closed permanently. Credit: File photo

Little Beet Table, which featured an all-gluten-free menu, has closed permanently in Chevy Chase, according to someone who works at the company’s New York location.

Little Beet Table opened at 5471 Wisconsin Ave. in November 2019.

In August 2020 the restaurant closed temporarily due to challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, but promised to reopen. The restaurant eventually reopened in May 2021.

Mel Gavilanes, a bartender at Little Beet Table’s New York location, confirmed to Bethesda Beat on Thursday that the Chevy Chase location had permanently closed. He said he thinks the closure happened some time in the last few weeks, but didn’t have additional details.

A spokesperson for the company did not immediately reply on Thursday to an email from Bethesda Beat seeking comment.

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