An example of what the proposed solar panels would look like. Credit: via Montgomery County Planning Board documents

A new proposed solar energy project in Rockville would produce enough electricity for 400 Maryland homes annually, according to Montgomery County Planning Board documents.

The developer, Chaberton Solar Santa Rosa LLC, has pitched the community solar facility to be built on about 4 acres of a 10-acre lot at 13330 Signal Tree Lane.

If approved, the array is expected to generate about 2,900 megawatt-hours of electricity each year for subscribers to Maryland’s Community Solar Pilot Program.

The program “makes solar savings available to homes that cannot accommodate solar panels, renters, those with restrictions on their homes preventing the installation of solar panels, and customers who cannot afford to install solar panels themselves,” the development application says.

“It also guarantees savings on utility bills, increases the reliability of the local power grid, decarbonizes the production of electricity, and creates benefits for the natural environment at every level,” documents say.

Unlike some solar panels that are elevated and positioned at an angle, the proposed panels on the Chaberton site would be flat, elevated only about 1 foot off the ground, documents say. This means that existing trees and other greenery, as well as some new plantings, would shield the view of the panels from surrounding properties.


Chaberton, a developer of “solar generation projects” is headquartered in North Bethesda, according to Planning Board documents.

The company has more than two dozen developments in progress, including community solar projects and aggregate net meter projects.

A date for Planning Board consideration has not been set, according to online records.


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