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This story was updated at 10:40 p.m. on July 8, 2022, to include additional information

A consent final protective order has been entered in a case involving abuse allegations made by the wife of a state delegate candidate from Montgomery County.

Saqib Ali, 47, of North Potomac, was accused by his wife of abusing her and their two teenage children last month and she filed for divorce. Additionally, a temporary protective order against Ali was granted at the end of last month in Montgomery County Circuit Court.

The latest court filing states that Ali “consents to the entry of a final protective order without admitting the allegations in the petition or judicial finding of abuse.”

One specific allegation in the divorce filing from Ali’s wife was that he “became violent” toward one of his children on June 22, making it necessary for the mother and children to flee the home. Ali has said previously to Bethesda Beat that the allegation is not true and he has never physically or verbally abused his wife or children.

Ali said in a previous interview that his wife alleges that he “dragged” one of his children out of a room to address a crisis, but he says he encouraged her to come out of the room voluntarily. He has said the dispute with his wife is about the best way to parent through a family crisis.


The consent order, entered July 1, lays out the various conditions and obligations Ali must adhere to when communicating with his wife and dealing with other family matters. The order states that Ali’s wife is to have interim physical and legal custody of the children.

The order states at the top that the parties have reached a consent on the issues outlined in the order.

Ali served as a state delegate from 2007 to 2011, representing District 39, which includes Montgomery Village and Germantown. This year he is running for a delegate seat in District 15, which represents North Potomac, Darnestown and Poolesville, in the July 19 Democratic primary. He has pledged to continue with his campaign in spite of his legal issues.


Ali, reached by phone this week, directed questions from a reporter to his attorney Christopher Kaczmarek, who gave a brief comment on the order.

“Mr. and Ms. Ali came to an agreement in the best interests of their family and children. And the judge commended them for working with one another to come to an agreement,” he said.

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