A fire broke out at Copper Canyon Grill in downtown Silver Spring on Tuesday morning, according to a Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service official.

Pete Piringer, a Fire & Rescue spokesman, posted on Twitter Tuesday around 8:45 a.m. that a fire had started at the restaurant on Ellsworth Drive. The fire had occurred in the ductwork and smoke was coming from the roof in an area above the kitchen, according to Piringer. About 65 firefighters responded.

Jason Blake, a Fire & Rescue spokesman at the scene, said the fire started in a stovetop or an oven in the kitchen. The smoke then traveled through the ductwork and throughout the high-rise building in which the restaurant is located, he said.

“The code requires everything to be in ductwork, and then that ductwork goes up to the highest point,” he said.

Blake said some employees were working at the restaurant Tuesday morning, but said there were no injuries.

Blake said the restaurant will likely be closed for a while, and must undergo an inspection before it can reopen.


The northbound lanes of Georgia Avenue are closed at the intersection of Wayne Avenue due to the fire, according to county officials. Drivers are encouraged to avoid the area.

Managing editor Julie Rasicot contributed to this story

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