A boil water advisory was issued for some people Thursday night in the Cabin John area. Credit: Getty Images

This story was updated at 6 p.m. on Aug. 13, 2022, to reflect that the advisory had been lifted

An advisory for about 2,200 customers in the Cabin John and Glen Echo areas to boil water before use was lifted Saturday afternoon. WSSC Water had sent out the advisory after a water main break Thursday night.

WSSC Water said Thursday night’s break, along MacArthur Boulevard, caused the system to lose pressure, which increases the risk of contamination in the water.
Affected customers had been asked to boil their water and let it cool before drinking it or giving it to pets to drink. People were asked to do the same before brushing their teeth and preparing baby formula, the company said in a statement.

On Saturday, WSSC said in a statement that as of 4:30 p.m., the advisory had been lifted following two consecutive rounds of water quality tests that confirmed the water was safe to drink. WSSC is asking the affected customers to take a few precautions including:

  • Run all cold water lines for five minutes.
  • Set single-lever faucets to run cold water
  • Open one faucet at a time, starting with the one on the lowest floor
  • Flush refrigerator water lines
  • Discard ice made prior to the boil water advisory, and clean ice maker containers