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Little Sesame, a hummus and pita eatery based in Washington, D.C., has decided not to open in downtown Bethesda as originally planned.

The restaurant had announced a year ago that it would be opening a location at 7118 Bethesda Lane in Bethesda Row. On Tuesday, Little Sesame’s Community Engagement and Media Relations staff member Maddy Beckwith confirmed to Bethesda Beat in an email the company would not be opening the Bethesda restaurant.

The decision not to open new brick-and-mortar eateries was “due to the uncertain climate which the pandemic afforded the restaurant industry as a whole,” according to Beckwith. Additionally, Little Sesame has chosen to focus on its hummus production operation, having opened a hummus factory in Prince George’s County six months ago. The company is consolidating its operations to Little Sesame’s restaurant on L Street in Northwest D.C., she wrote.

Beckwith noted that Little Sesame’s hummus is available for sale in more than 150 locations throughout the region. The Montgomery County locations include:

  • Whole Foods Markets in North Bethesda, Bethesda and Silver Spring
  • MOM’s Organic Market in Rockville
  • Dawson’s Market in Rockville
  • The Pike Central Farm Market in North Bethesda
  • The Bethesda Central Farm Market
  • The Takoma Park Co-Op

A full list of locations where Little Sesame’s hummus is available is online.

The Moco Show previously reported on Little Sesame’s decision Tuesday.


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