All Set Restaurant & Bar Credit: File photo

The owners of All Set Restaurant & Bar and Money Muscle BBQ in downtown Silver Spring are the new owners of Fryer’s Roadside on New Hampshire Avenue.

Ed Reavis and Jennifer Meltzer announced they had assumed ownership the eatery Saturday. They said in a statement that they will close the newly acquired business, a fried chicken and ice cream stand, with plans to reopen this fall.

The stand at 12830 New Hampshire Ave. recently announced it was available for sale by the previous owners, Steve Engelhardt and his partners after opening two years ago.

According to Reavis and Meltzer, the purchase of Fryer’s Roadside was inspired by their search for a permanent home for Money Muscle BBQ, specifically a place for their extensive smoking operations.

“When we learned that the space was available, it felt like the perfect opportunity,” the duo said in an email.

Reavis was raised in the South and has always loved fried chicken and Meltzer grew up not too far from Fryer’s so it seemed like a good fit for them both.


Although they are still finalizing menus, the owners do plan to stick with the menu staples of fried chicken and soft serve ice cream that Fryer’s Roadside has been known for, while also incorporating smoked meats and BBQ from Money Muscle.

“The name Fryer’s allows for endless creativity and flexibility in menu development, so we’re looking forward to having a little fun with what we can fry in that kitchen,” Reavis said.

They said they also hope to have a positive impact on the community where Fryer’s Roadside is located.


“As an independent, family-operated restaurant, we’ll continue to listen to the community and build exciting and relevant offerings both on our menus and through special events,” Reavis said in an email. “And of course, we’ll be hiring new team members! One new offering we can speak to is that we plan to soon serve halal chicken and beef with dedicated halal smokers, as we’ll be so close to the Muslim Community Center on New Hampshire Avenue.”

For updates, visit All Set Restaurant & Bar and Money Muscle BBQ on social media.