The Montgomery County District Court in Rockville Credit: Joe Zimmermann

The athletic director of Gaithersburg High School is alleging in a citizen’s complaint filed in Montgomery County District Court that the Northwest High School football team coach assaulted him during a brawl between the two teams during Friday night’s game on the Gaithersburg campus.

Gaithersburg High Athletic Director William Gant alleges in the complaint that Northwest coach Travis Hawkins came “aggressively” toward him and a Gaithersburg High player, during the brawl, which authorities say occurred around 8:45 p.m.

Gant says he stepped in front of the player to protect him and Hawkins then hit him, snapping Gant’s head back, according to the complaint.

Gant writes in the complaint that he was then struck in the head and shoulder by someone, later identified as Hawkins by other Gaithersburg High staff members.

Gant also alleges that Hawkins appeared to be “escalating the issue” based on videos he has seen of the altercation.

“We (myself and other coaches) were attempting to stop it,” he wrote.


Gant is alleging one count of second-degree assault in the complaint. Rather than a law enforcement agency charging Hawkins, Gant made the complaint himself.

In the days since the fight, there have been several repercussions, including the suspension of both the Northwest and Gaithersburg high football teams, the teams’ forfeiture of last week’s game and their forfeitures of this week’s games. Additionally, MCPS announced Wednesday that it is imposing a three-tiered system of security restrictions for spectators at high school sporting events beginning Friday.

Four minors and one adult were arrested after the fight last week. Police are continuing to investigate the incident.


When reporters asked about the employment status of Hawkins and Gant, and other questions about the criminal investigation during a press conference on Wednesday, MCPS officials declined to comment, citing the ongoing investigation.

Rene Sandler, an attorney representing Hawkins, said Thursday that she won’t be commenting at this time.

Gant could not be reached for comment Thursday morning.


Hawkins is due to appear in District Court on Nov. 7 for a preliminary inquiry hearing.

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