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Montgomery County Police’s Holiday Alcohol Task Force has seen a slight dip in arrests in its first two weeks of DUI offenses compared to its numbers this time last year, according to police.

Twenty-eight people were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs during the week of Nov. 9, and 38 people were arrested during the week of Nov. 16, according to police.

Last year, the police began its first week of enforcement during the week of Nov. 17 and arrested 37 people for driving under the influence. Thirty-six people were arrested in the second week, beginning Nov. 24.

The police department announced Monday that task force officials would be devoting time and attention to keeping track of alcohol-related offenses during the holiday season.

The police noted that the arrests they release to the public only include arrests made by task force officers and not any additional arrests by patrol officers, which is why the total number of DUI arrests during this time would be higher. 

To ensure added safety while traveling during this time, the MCPD also released some tips for the public to follow this holiday season:

  1. Plan your travel route
  2. Be prepared by packing essentials such as snacks, jumper cables, blankets, a first aid kit etc.
  3. Always make sure to check road, weather and traffic conditions before heading out.
  4. Make sure not to rush and allow plenty of time to get to the destination.
  5. Even if using a GPS, acquaint yourself with directions and the map of the location.
  6. Inform others of your route and expected travel time.